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American Indian Boarding School

American Indian Boarding School Band American Indian Boarding School

Given the history and heritage of the campus as an American Indian boarding school, it is appropriate that Briggs Library organized and continues to maintain a collection of materials focusing on this facet of American Indian education. Opening in 1887 on the site currently occupied by the Morris campus, the Morris Indian School was administered by the Sisters of Mercy. In 1896 it was transferred to the federal government and functioned as the Morris Industrial School for Indians until 1909. The American Indian Boarding School Collection, located on the fourth floor of Briggs Library in the special collections area, includes materials on both church affiliated and federally funded schools. As is the case with other special collections housed on the fourth floor, these items are not available for check-out. Access to the collection is available whenever UMM Archives is open as well as by making a request at the reference desk.