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Journals and Periodicals

The quantity of Briggs Library's journal collection may not be as visible as many of its other collections due to the fact that the majority of the subscriptions are online versus a smaller number of print subscriptions that are available for browsing in the library. While the library has single subscriptions for specific academic and scholarly journals, many are available through the numerous full text databases for which the library maintains subscriptions. To check for access for a particular title, go to Pounce and search by the title. Pounce provides information on both print and electronic titles and provides a link to the full-text articles within the journal title.

The current issues for print journals are shelved near the group study area on the main floor of the library. Back issues for both current and past subscriptions are located on the fourth floor of the library along with General Collection materials beginning with the call number Z. Both the current and the back issues are shelved in alphabetical order by title.