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Library Circulation Student Assistant

  • Date: April 2013
  • Classification & Title: Arts/Communication 2701
  • Pay rate: $7.50
  • Supervisor: LeAnn Dean

General Summary

Staffed each of the 99 hours that the library is open, the circulation desk is often the first contact that library users have with the library and its staff members must represent the library in a positive manner. Punctuality and dependability are essential components of this position.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Staff circulation desk
  • Charge and discharge materials
  • Respond to directional queries for information (phone and on-site)
  • Take and transfer messages accurately
  • Adhere to library policies and procedures
  • Service printer and copier equipment (toner and paper replacement)
  • Shelve, retrieve and shift library materials
  • Ensure correct shelving order of assigned section of library
  • Assist in opening or closing of library (specific shifts)
  • Assist in maintaining the appearance of the library, keeping it neat and orderly
  • Assist with general library duties as required
  • Required to take weekend, evening and final examination week shifts

Minimum/Essential Qualifications Needed to Perform Job

Willingness and ability to work an established schedule; accuracy with alpha/numberic sequences; attention to detail; ability to use computers and library automation system; ability to work without close supervision; dependability; keyboarding skills; good interpersonal communication skills; capable of reading labels for shelving and shelf-reading; physical ability to stand, bend and lift books; ability to move loaded book carts; sufficient English language skills to understand and follow verbal and written instructions and communicate clearly with library users.

Preferred Qualifications

The employer reserves the right to change or add duties to this position as long as the changes and/or additions are consistent with the job classification. If needed or upon employers’ discretion with authorization from financial aid office.