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Printing in Briggs Library

There are two main ways to print in Briggs Library.

The first is using the PaperCut printing system. Before printing using PaperCut, a dollar balance must be placed in your PaperCut account at the Business Office located in 205 Behmler or the Information Desk in the Student Center. (This option is only available to Morris students, staff, and faculty.) You can then print to the PaperCut printer located at the front of library checkout desk. Simply choose the “Library Papercut Printer" option from the print menu. Print jobs can also be held to print later or printed in another campus lab. The default is duplex printing. Cost is $.05 cents for printing on one side of a single page and $.08 for printing on two sides of a single sheet. Remember to logout of your PaperCut account when finished.

The second way to print in Briggs Library is by using the Library Cash Printing option. From the Print menu simply choose “Library Cash Printer” to print using the cash printer. Print jobs can be picked up at the circulation desk. Cost is $.05 per printed side. The default is duplex printing. It is also possible to print to the circulation cash printer, PaperCut printer, and color printer using web printing from a personal mobile device or library desktop computer. Please see Web Printing for specific instructions. Questions? Ask at the circulation desk or reference desk for assistance.

Color printing is also available at Briggs Library. Simply choose “Library Color Printing” from the Print drop-down menu. Cost per page is $.50. Print jobs can be picked up and paid for at the circulation desk.

Briggs Library continues to offer limited free printing via a dot matrix printer located near the microfilm machine ion the main floor. Printing to a dot matrix printer is only possible from the computer next to it. Print quality can be an issue, especially for PDF documents. If you need assistance, please ask a librarian for help.