Executive Officer Biographies

Hazen Fairbanks, Student Body President
Hazen Fairbanks

Hazen is a Psychology, Sociology, and Liberal Arts for Human Service Major from Bemidji. She has been an active member of MCSA (the Morris Campus Student Association) for the past three years and has played a vital role on the Curriculum, Student Affairs, Multi-Ethnic Experience, Resources and Operations, Student Services, Campus Relations, and Executive Committees. Hazen has demonstrated her passion for UMM time and time again, for example, she brought you UMM’s first ever Mental Health Awareness Week and Wheelchair-athon. In addition to her involvement with MCSA, she works for the Center for Small Towns, has served as an Orientation Group Leader and as a Core member of Students Today Leaders Forever.

Andrew Sletten, Student Body Vice-President
Andrew Sletten

Andrew is a History Major and Philosophy Minor from Fergus Falls. He is currently serving as an Orientation Task Force leader, Co-Chair of the UMM improv troupe and Vice-President of the Jazz Council. His involvement in jazz and improv at UMM has afforded him the unique volunteer opportunity of providing entertainment for events like the Someplace Safe spring fundraiser and the Black Student Union Soul Food Dinner. Also, he has been able to develop relationships with numerous student organization leaders and administrators through his employment at the UMM Office of Student Activities. He has also been involved in MCSA for three years; serving on Student Affairs, External Relations, Election Commission, and Assessment of Student Learning Committees.

Allison Wolf, Secretary of Student Services
Allison Wolf

Allison is a junior majoring in Sociology, minoring in CMR and Political Science from Brooklyn Park, MN. She has served on MCSA since freshman year as a First Year Council Member, Executive Assistant, and Campus Assembly Rep and is excited to spend the 2013–2014 school year serving the student body as the Secretary of Student Services. While she may be busy being involved with Foodlumms, Peer Health Educators, New Student Orientation, running from classes to work as the Assistant Event Coordinator Intern, Allison wants to hear feedback from any and all on how to make MCSA more inviting and inclusive!

Sam Fettig, Secretary of Resources and Operations
Sam Fettig

Sam is a senior from Excelsior MN, majoring in Political Science and English and minoring in History, Economics, and Communications. He entertains himself by working with The University Register and making music. As your Secretary of Resources and Operations for the year, I’ll have an eye over the budget of MCSA, as well as a leading role in guiding the Technology Fee allocation process. If you have thoughts on how your dollars are being spent (or on anything else!), get at me.

Zach Johnson, Secretary of Academic Affairs
Zach Johnson

Hey UMM my name is Zach Johnson and this year I am a junior double majoring in Sociology, & Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies, with a minor in Political Science. This year I am your Secretary for Academic Affairs and I’m really excited to take on a new role here at UMM. In the past I’ve worked with Morris Healthy Eating, The Center for Small Towns, and have been involved in a number of student groups including Morris Feminists, Soc/Anth Society, Foodlumms, Organic Gardening Club, Campus Ambassadors, and NORML. This year I am excited to focus on my work with MCSA to help students achieve academic success by helping students navigate any difficulties that may come up during their time at Morris. It’s going to be a busy year and I can’t wait to work towards your academic success!

Tamir Elnabarawy, Secretary of Campus Relations
Tamir Elnabarawy

Tamir Elnabarawy is a fourth year student studying Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. In addition to his involvement in MCSA, Tamir serves as Chair of the International Student Advisory Board, Director of the Residential Programming Committee, Campus Ambassador, and Teaching Assistant. He is a high school graduate, likes fruit, and still considers Pluto a planet.

Emily Sunderman, Executive Assistant
Emily Sunderman

Emily is a sophomore majoring in Spanish and Secondary Education. She is from Cambridge, Minnesota. Emily was a part of MCSA last year, serving as a member of First Year Council and Executive Committee. In addition to MCSA, Emily enjoys playing golf and drinking Caribou Coffee. She is also a part of Students Today Leaders Forever and the ISP Friendship Program.

Cory Schroeder, Parliamentarian
Cory Schroeder

My name is Cory and I am a Sophomore majoring in Latin American Area Studies and Spanish Language. I am from Bloomington, MN. I am involved in MCSA, and AISES on campus. In my spare time, I enjoy having a large half and half chai from Higbies. I have a strong passion for Jeopardy. Lastly, you may see me riding around campus on my new scooter called the “Nerd Alert.” Feel free to stop me at any time, I don’t bite!

Ben Baglio, At-Large Executive Committee Representative
Ben Baglio

Ben Baglio is an Alaskan-born Political Theory major at UMM. He also serves as the Vice-Chair for the system-wide UMN Student Senate & Student Senate Consultative Committee, on the Campus Assembly Membership Committee, co-chair of the CAC Convocations Committee, and is also the student representative for the Political Science discipline at UMM. Baglio thoroughly enjoys his spare time, much of which is dedicated to cheering for the Green Bay Packers & Seattle Mariners.

Joey Daniewicz, At-Large Executive Committee Representative
Joey Daniewicz

Joey Daniewicz is MCSA’s Student Representative to the Board of Regents, a member of the MPIRG State Board of Directors, and previously served as Editor-in-Chief of The University Register. Now in his fifth year at the Morris campus, he adores participating in the special climate of student activity at UMM. His goals for this year include fostering leadership in younger students, expanding student representation in shared governance, and strengthening the bonds between the five campuses of the University of Minnesota.

Matt Fredericks, At-Large Executive Committee Representative
Matt Fredericks

Matt Fredericks is a Political Science Major and English Minor from Stillwater, MN. He serves as a Senator on the system-wide UMN Student Senate & Student Affairs Senate Committee, on the Campus Assembly Functions and Awards Committee, Vice President/Treasurer of the nonprofit Bayhaven, and the Chairman of the State Board of Directors for the student-directed, nonprofit MPIRG. Fredericks is passionate about empowering student leaders into action that catalyzes progressivism in their communities at home, as well as in Morris while they’re at UMM. It is important to him that students know that they have the power to change the world and have done so throughout history. In his spare time, he enjoys horseback riding, travel, downhill skiing, and writing.

Megan Jacobson, First Year Executive Committee Representative
Megan Jacobson

Megan is a first year Spanish major from Bloomington, MN. In addition to her role on Executive Committee, she is an MCSA First Year Council Representative and a member of the Student Services Committee. In addition to MCSA, Megan is the Community Council Secretary for Indy, a certified ESL instructor, and regularly attends meetings for the Jane Addams Project, the Yule Ball Planning Committee, and STLF. In her free time, she enjoys reading and learning to swing dance. Megan is looking forward to spending the upcoming year serving her fellow first-years through MCSA!