University of Minnesota Morris

Executive Officer Biographies

Katie Ledermann, President

Major: Environmental Studies and Financial/Organizational Management
About: I am a senior this year at UMM and am originally from Mahtomedi, MN. Over the past four years, I have been serving in many different positions for MCSA and am excited to continue for my last year here! When not working on MCSA business, I can be found in the student garden, on a run, or in the library. I also work in the Office of Sustainability and have a passion for getting kids outside! I’m looking forward to a great year

Fiona Wu, Vice President

Major: Environmental Studies & Political Science
About: This is my third year at UMM and I am originally from Shanghai, China. I have been on MCSA since my freshman year and have served on various positions. I enjoy being part of MCSA and enjoy working with everyone here. Outside MCSA, I am a Hall Director for Green Prairie and a Gender/Sexuality Advocate. I spend a lot of time in library as Green Prairie is so far away from everything. So come talk to me if you see me in the library, I would be happy to discuss anything with you.

Sarah Kvale, Executive Assistant

Major: Psychology and Financial & Organizational Management
About: I am a senior this year at UMM and am from Duluth, MN. I am excited to spend my first year on MCSA taking on the secretarial role as Executive Assistant. I am also the Secretary for Organic Garden Club, a member of Dance Ensemble and Pom Squad, and involved in the Honors Program.

Ashiqul Alam (Salvi), Secretary of Resources and Operations

Major: Economics with Mathematics Minor
About: I’m a junior this year at UMM and am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a CA for Indy this year and will be pulling for Indy and you should join us because Indy is awesome. Other than that you’ll probably see me rushing from class to class during the day. Recently I’m the Vice President for the Muslim Student Association and am trying to get it more involved with campus. I am very excited to be a part of MCSA this year and will try to work very to help bring positive change to campus. If you ever see me you can always come over to talk to me. I’m super friendly!

Colin Wray, Secretary of Campus Relations

Major: Psychology and CMR with a minor in LAHS
About: Hello! I am a 5th year senior. I have been in MCSA two years, having served as the Executive Secretary last year. I am excited to serve as Secretary of Campus Relations and to help MCSA connect effectively with students. I grew up in Alexandria Minnesota, but came to Morris two years ago as a transfer student. I love getting to know people, and look forward to helping MCDA be a voice for change on the Morris Campus.

Coco Millard, Secretary of Academic Affairs

Major: Environmental Studies
About: I transferred to UMM last fall and am currently a senior. I joined MCSA last year because I believe that good effective policies are made when the people they affect are included in the decision making process. Academically, personally, and professionally: I’m interested in food. I’m always game to talk about food systems, ag and water policy, and any recipe ideas.

Elsie Wilson, Secretary of Student Services

Major: Biochemistry
About: Hi! My name is Elsie and this will be my junior year at UMM. I was a representative in MCSA last year and am excited to be a part of it again. The shared governance system is core to Morris’s values, and as students, MCSA is a great platform for us to share our piece. Outside of MCSA, I am a biochem student. I thoroughly enjoy research and am working hard to prepare myself for grad school. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and being mildly sedentary.

Tiernan Lenius, Representative to the Executive Committee

Major: Psychology/ Human Services
About: Hello All! I am Tiernan: A senior who loves psychology, Ultimate Frisbee, Improv, and MCSA! One of the many ways I get involved on campus is being a representative of MCSA, as well as our Election Commissioner! This year I will be working on issues that face our campus as a member of the Executive committee. In this, I strive to bring intelligent crafted, mildly quirky, and forever original thoughts to the table!

Noah Pilugin, Representative to the Executive Committee

Major: Anthropology and Art History
About: I am a junior this year at UMM and this will be my first year involved with MCSA of which I am excited to be a part of. On campus I am involved with the honors program and the Morris marksmanship club. I come from a diverse international background and lived overseas as a child which has fuelled my interests in other cultures and societies. I am an avid photographer who specializes in mainly using film and overall I am quite eclectic.

Kyle Hakala, Parliamentarian

Major: Computer Science
About: I am all around kick ass. I take names, and make shit happen. Ask me about Robert’s Rules of Order sometime.