Morris College Success Program

The University of Minnesota, Morris is proud to announce the award of a grant for the Morris College Success Program (MCSP.) This new program is designed to help first-year students who meet Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation eligibility guidelines succeed academically and personally at Morris. The goals of the program are academic success in students’ first year; engagement in academic enrichment, student clubs and civic engagement opportunities; and college persistence leading to a bachelor’s degree.

Participants in the program will be given individualized attention by peer mentors, tutors, writing consultants, faculty advisors, and professional staff to develop personalized goals, academic plans, and assistance with academic courses. Participants will also be introduced to Morris’s support resources and faculty/staff to improve their persistence for the next four years of their academic careers. Participants will hone their academic and life skills; gain academic, campus, and financial knowledge; and build the relationships, self-awareness and personal ability needed for college success, retention, and persistence.

MCSP is a one academic year commitment so participants should anticipate regular and timely meetings, workshops and events with their faculty advisor, student mentors, program coordinator and other staff and resources on campus. This program is truly an opportunity for participants to avoid the typical pitfalls of the first year in order to succeed academically and build a foundation for success and graduation with a bachelor’s degree in four years.



Applicants to the Morris College Success Program must meet the following criteria to be considered.

The Morris College Success Program is funded by Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. “Knowing that education has the power to change lives for the better, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates helps millions of students pay for college and repay their student loans. Through Community Investments, Great Lakes Leads initiatives and funds programs that help students from traditionally underserved backgrounds start and complete a two- or four-year degree or other credential. For additional information, visit”


The Morris College Success Program is no longer accepting applications for this year. We are in the process of selecting applicants for interviews. If you have applied, please check your UMM email for updates.