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Seventeen Morris professors receive all-University Imagine Fund Awards

Posted by Judy Korn on Wednesday, May. 5, 2010

Seventeen University of Minnesota, Morris professors received all-University 2010 Imagine Fund Awards. The Imagine Fund program provides financial support for scholarly and creative projects and initiatives that benefit the University community and communities beyond.

The Imagine Fund program is supported in part by the McKnight Arts and Humanities Endowment, established in 1991 with a generous grant from the McKnight Foundation. The endowment’s mission is to support, sustain, and enliven arts and humanities research and activities on the four University campuses.

Morris campus recipients and projects

Mark Collier, assistant professor of philosophy, Sympathy and Social Identity in Hume’s Treatise

Bradley Deane, associate professor of English, Better Men: Masculine Exceptionalism and Imperial Rule in British Popular Literature, 1871–1914

Jennifer Deane, assistant professor of history, Medieval Heresy and Pious Domesticities

Daniel Demetriou, assistant professor of philosophy, Honor Among Theories

Michael Eble, associate professor of studio art, In the footsteps of the Impressionists

Pieranna Garavaso, professor of philosophy, Frege’s Thinking Phase II

Michael Lackey, assistant professor of English, Religion in a Totalitarian Age: The Religious Politics of the Moot

Jess Larson, associate professor of studio art, Embroidery Expanded: Scale and the Moving Image

Pareena Lawrence, professor of economics, From Autobiography to Political Empowerment in Haryana

Brook Miller, assistant professor of English, Cultivating Allegiance and Narrative Identity and Self-Representation in Modern British Fiction

Denise Odello, assistant professor of music, Music, Sport, and Morality: Competition and the Drum Corps

Jennifer Rothchild, associate professor of sociology, From Autobiography to Political Empowerment in Haryana

James Schryver, assistant professor of art history, The Archaeology of Frankish Cyprus

Raymond Schultz, associate professor of theatre arts, solo performance theatre project

Pamela Solvie, associate professor of education, Local Literacies: Reading and Writing Our Futures

Tisha Turk, assistant professor of English, Vidding and Vidwatching as Multimedia Literacy Practices

James Wojtaszek, associate professor of Spanish, Revisiting the Galician Revival