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Three Morris graduates featured in nationally touring art exhibit

Posted by Judy Korn on Monday, Sep. 6, 2010

Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay, a nationally touring art exhibit, features the work of noted ceramicist Richard Bresnahan and four former apprentices: Stephen Earp and University of Minnesota, Morris graduates Kevin Flicker ’74, Samuel Johnson ’96, and Anne Meyer ’04. The exhibit opened on September 3, 2010, at the Alice R. Rogers and Target Galleries on the Saint John’s campus in Collegeville.

Curated by Matthew Welsh, assistant director and curator of Japanese and Korean Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay celebrates 30 years of the Saint John’s University Pottery Studio at which Bresnahan serves as artist-in-residence and has taught his apprentices. In conjunction with the exhibit, Welch has authored a book of the same title that includes chapters on each of the artists and photographs of their work.

In Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay, Welch states that each contributing potter “ a superb artist individually and has been included here because of a connection to Bresnahan himself and the Saint John’s Pottery.” He notes Flicker’s “quiet industriousness” and “potent inquiry” as inspiration for the students he teaches at as a ceramics instructor at Morris. He shares Johnson’s story of study in Denmark and “flexibility and receptivity” in an aesthetic response to different mind-sets. Welch tells of Meyer’s artistic journey that leads to merging her interest in drawing with three-dimensional forms, “producing unique and breathtaking figures in unglazed clay.”

Stoked: Five Artists of Fire and Clay will be on exhibit at Saint John’s until October 15. From November 5, 2010 until January 2, 2011, it will be on display at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois. From August 24 through October 14, 2011, the exhibit may be viewed at Morris where Johnson and Meyer first discovered their passion for clay and studied with Flicker. The tour also includes the Rourke Art Gallery Museum in Moorhead from October 21, 2011, until December 24, 2011, and the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts, from May 27, 2012, until August 19, 2012.

Photo: Large Coiled and Paddled Jar by Kevin Flicker ’74