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University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler visits Morris campus

Posted by Judy Korn on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011

The University of Minnesota, Morris welcomed University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler and wife Karen Kaler for their first visit to the Morris campus on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

President Kaler toured campus and the West Central Research and Outreach Center and met with administration and student leaders. In the afternoon, he held an open meeting with faculty, staff, and students, taking questions at the end of his brief, informal address. He also held an open meeting for the community and met with legislators and elected community leaders in the Welcome Center.

Kaler said that he is “thrilled to be in the position I am in” as the University’s president. He’s looking forward to uncovering the breadth and depth of the University. In his first days as president, he will see and talk, listen and learn, in order to help “shape the University to be more excellent and to assure access.”

Throughout the day, Kaler spoke about the University system, the coordinate campuses, and Morris’s unique public liberal arts education. He noted that the diverse range of opportunities afforded by the five campuses is one of the University’s strengths, “a full spectrum of educational opportunities” and a “terrific benefit” for students who wish to study at the University.

Kaler stated that his first impression of the Morris campus was “incredibly taken care of students and incredibly engaged.” When asked during the question and answer session if he had developed a Morris “elevator speech,” he quickly answered that Morris welcomes and nurtures scholars, offering a high quality public liberal arts education cross cut with renewable, sustainable initiatives in a great community—a small town and a small campus.

Enjoy a slideshow of the Kalers visit to campus.