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Eble, professor and artist, exhibits work in two gallery exhibitions

Posted by Cassie Hall '13, Brookings, South Dakota on Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2011

Michael Eble, University of Minnesota, Morris associate professor of studio art, is a very active artist. While on sabbatical during the 2011–12 academic year, he has already contributed his art to two gallery exhibitions in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Project Art for Nature
River Falls based artist Vera Ming Wong leads the “Project Art for Nature” (PAN). The project consists of approximately 27 artists, including Eble, and illustrators from all around Minnesota and Wisconsin. The artists individually chose natural areas in Minnesota and Wisconsin to be the foci of their artworks, highlighting beautiful prairie, forests, rivers, and wetland. PAN artists created and shared this artwork with the general public to encourage the protection, restoration, and stewardship of native plants and animals. Twenty percent of the proceeds from art sales will go to the State Natural Areas Program of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Project Art for Nature is on exhibit at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wisconsin, until September 25, 2011.

Minnesota Real
Eble’s work is part of Winona State University’s “Minnesota Real” exhibition, a contemporary realism exhibit featuring the work of Minnesota artists and educators who all contributed works of “realism”—art that depicts the world as the artist sees it, without the idealized conventions of academic art. The four contributors, Eble, Cindy Koopman, Carl Oltvedt, and Elaine Rutherford, are loosely united in their art by depicting recognizable objects in varying approaches that stimulate questions: What is our responsibility to our environment? Can we ever look at objects “purely” without assigning our own values to them? Is depiction less real because it is an illusion? Is reality inside ourselves or out in the world? The “Minnesota Real” contemporary realism exhibit is on display in the Winona State University’s Paul Watkins Gallery until October 4, 2011.