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Morris well represented at the 2011 E3 Conference

Posted by student writer Daniel Alcantara and Judy Korn on Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011

The University of Minnesota, Morris was well represented at the 2011 E3 (Energy, Economy and Environment) Conference held on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus in November 2011. Billed as the Upper Midwest’s premier renewable energy conference, the 2011 event showcased current technologies, environmental benefits and market opportunities in renewable energy, specifically focusing on renewable energy success stories from corporations and individuals around the world, as well as within the University of Minnesota.

During the conference, Ted Pappenfus, professor of chemistry, presented the work of mentees Jennifer Schmidt ’12, Saint Cloud, and Ryan Koehn ’11, Willmar. Schmidt’s work is on Theoretical Analyses of Organic Photovoltaic Materials, and Koehn’s work is on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Chemistry Across the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum.

Special speaker Lowell Rasmussen, vice chancellor for facilities and finance, spoke on Using Renewable Resources to Manage a Campus Carbon Footprint representing a “University of Minnesota Renewable Energy and Materials Success Story from the Morris campus.”

Ted Pappenfus

Ryan Koehn and Jennifer Schmidt

Lowell Rasmussen