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Louie’s Lower Level Renovated and Ready for Student Life

Posted by Miles Taylor '13, Wood Lake on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012

After undergoing renovations this summer, Louie’s Lower Level is again ready for use. Seeking to open the space and give it a new function, the Student Center Committee spent two years planning the renovations, which were completed earlier this fall. The space has been redesigned as a study and relaxation area for students.

The primary focus of the redesign was to create a space that was inviting to students, since the former space was underutilized. Many iterations of the new Louie’s Lower Level were discussed—suggested designs included a fireplace as well as a fountain and large aquarium. Although not all of the suggested additions were implemented, the new space does include an aquarium coffee table that houses two goldfish named Marco and Polo.

Because the former TV Lounge was converted into the new Moccasin Flower Room, Louie’s Lower Level now houses a large flat screen television and sitting area. It also holds a chalkboard where student organizations can post news and host discussions. Lines of tables and chairs adorn the remainder of the space, where students can relax or study.

Louie’s Lower Level was originally located in Behmler Hall during the early years of the University of Minnesota, Morris’s history. It functioned as a combined cafeteria and social space, though over the years it adjusted to meet the needs of campus life. The space’s function as a cafeteria was overshadowed by the Food Service building in the late 1970s, when it was repurposed to serve as the University’s Computing Services office. When the Student Center was built in 1992, Louie’s moved to unused space on the lower level—becoming what is now known as Louie’s Lower Level.