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26th Season of Prairie Yard and Garden Airs on Pioneer Public Television

Posted by Jenna Ray on Friday, Jan. 11, 2013

The 26th season of Prairie Yard and Garden(PY&G) begins on Thursday, January 17. Larry Zilliox, former University of Minnesota Extension educator from Alexandria, Minnesota, hosts the popular 30-minute program—one of Minnesota’s top resources for gardening information. PY&G airs Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. on Pioneer Public Television.

Each season, PY&G travels the state to confer with researchers, gardening and nursery professionals, educators, and backyard gardeners about their expertise in horticulture, landscaping, and a variety of other gardening topics. In association with Pioneer Public Television, the series is produced by Roger Boleman, director, and Michael Cihak, assistant director of marketing communication and design, of Instructional and Media Technologies at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Cihak also serves as production coordinator, editor, and videographer.

The longevity and success of the program characterizes a unique alliance between the University and Pioneer Public Television, KWCM Appleton. Pioneer Public Television, a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) affiliate, serves more than 375,000 households across Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

On Thursday, January 17, PY&G showcases hedges used in landscaping. Jeff Johnson of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum shares varieties that can act as a windbreak or be used to define a boundary.

On Thursday, January 24, Zilliox explores the ornamental garden of Steve and Cher Colby of Douglas County, Minnesota. To add a new dimension to their existing wooded paths, the two have been decorating their trails with small fairies, gnomes, and gargoyles. These ornaments give the paths a life all their own by transforming them into enchanted trails.

On Thursday, January 31, Bernie Angus of the West Central Research and Outreach Center demonstrates the important maintenance steps needed when preparing a water pond, which requires maintenance throughout the year, for winter.

On Thursday, February 7, Zilliox travels to New London, Minnesota, where Ken and Kay Johnson have acquired an aging bridge on an abandoned township road that divides their rural property. The two have added a roof and landscaping around the bridge to create a unique destination used for social events and gatherings.

On Thursday, February 14, the program will feature Meika Jo Hoffman, who maximizes interest in gardening by using window boxes and a front porch to grow and show her many varieties of plants and succulents at her home on a small city lot.

On Thursday, February 21, Daiv Freeman demonstrates growing cacti in Minnesota. Freeman has developed a wonderful space to grow hundreds of exotic varieties of cacti, which are overlooked as plants that thrive in this region.

On Thursday, February 28. Zilliox travels to Watson, Minnesota, where Weldy and Deanna Hodges have been restoring their farm site for nearly 25 years. Their property is flanked by beautiful country gardens that utilize rustic farm implements, hardscape, and colorful plant varieties.

Six additional episodes will air throughout March and April.