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Construction Complete on New Saddle Club Horse Shelter

Posted by Jenna Ray on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013

Morris recently completed construction of a new horse shelter. Initiated by members of the Morris Saddle Club, the project began in January 2012 and concluded in December. The new facility enables the Saddle Club to simultaneously shelter both of the horse herds that make their home on campus.

The first horse shelter was built in the campus’s north pasture in 2009. The club’s executive board soon realized, however, how beneficial a secondary shelter would be. Since the horses are divided into two herds, the existing structure was unable to accommodate all of the horses at one time. According to Faith Randal, Saddle Club president, “it was not fair to only have one shelter.”

Construction of the second shelter was completed by campus Plant Services late last fall. Located in the east “mud pen” pasture, the new structure provides horses the benefit of additional protection in the event of inclement weather. According to Randal, it also enables the Saddle Club to offer prospective members additional enrollment incentives.

“With this addition to Saddle Club, we hope to entice potential members if they are on the fence,” says Randal. “The more members we have in Saddle Club, the more exposure we get around campus. The shelter does that for us.”

The Morris Saddle Club is a student-managed organization for those interested in horses. Through the Saddle Club, students may get involved in horse-related activities, meet others who share their passion for equine companions, and board their horses in the Saddle Club Barn.

This project was supported in part by a grant from the Minnesota Horse Council, a non-profit corporation that encourages and supports equine-related activities, concerns, and education.