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New Equipment and Renewed Studio Space for KUMM

Posted by Miles Taylor '13, Wood Lake on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013

The University of Minnesota, Morris’s student-run radio station, KUMM, is looking toward the future after receiving a much-needed upgrade. The station recently acquired a number of new audio devices, broadcasting equipment, and a live transmitter. This upgrade not only modernizes the station, but also makes it possible for an unused studio to be useful again.

Two new Numark CD players, a 12-channel digital soundboard, and two Stanton turntables comprise the technological loadout in the station’s primary studio, Studio A. The new equipment, along with a complete overhaul of the station’s wiring and a remapping of its internal systems, brings KUMM up to Ampers’ standards (Ampers is a consortium of Minnesota radio stations in which KUMM takes part). Furthermore, now that the station has the ability to convert vinyl favorites to a digital format, its loop feed will be enhanced.

A prime piece of new technology, the COMREX Access System, allows the station to broadcast live from any location with an internet connection. Without this equipment, a large spool of cable would have to be plugged into the studio and dragged to the location from which a DJ would want to broadcast. With its new ability to broadcast from anywhere, KUMM can now more efficiently cover sports and community events.

KUMM’s secondary studio, Studio B, also has a new use beyond housing the on-air music loop. Since it absorbed the old equipment from the primary studio, it can now facilitate cleaner alternations between radio programs and cut-ins for news updates. This means that the studio can be used as a second program studio, serving as a space for live performances by campus and community groups.

In addition to remapping and an equipment upgrade, the station also received a thorough cleaning. With renewed space and clean floors, KUMM looks to the future.