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Theatre Discipline Announces Upcoming Season

Posted by Lindy Jacskon '15, Belle Plain on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

This season, the University of Minnesota, Morris Theatre Discipline brings forth fresh and intimate experiences from centuries past. Encompassing the 1600s, the 1930s, and the 1970s, scenes from earlier eras take the stage with an appealing sincerity and originality that will satisfy a modern audience’s craving for history.

Ready to envelop Morris this fall with deep-sea mystique is William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the charming classic that tells the tale of Viola, a young woman who finds herself shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria. The heroine disguises herself as a servant boy, Cesario, in order to serve the noble Duke Orsino, who is afflicted with a passionate love for Lady Olivia. Siobhan Bremer, associate professor of theatre arts, directs the whimsical comedy of mistaken identity and romance in which Shakespeare explores both the absurdity and triumph of love. The show’s water-inspired design and endearingly humorous cast of characters promise to please audiences. Performances of Twelfth Night run November 7–9 in the Raymond J. Lammers Proscenium Theatre.

The season continues with the 2014 Meiningens production, Martin Sherman’s Bent. The play provides a harrowing exploration of man’s struggle to maintain dignity and humanity in the face of bigotry. Sherman’s compelling drama tells the story of two prisoners, Max and Horst, who fall in love in a concentration camp. The historically based work, directed by Deon Haider ’14, Northfield, focuses on the Nazi persecution of homosexuals during the Holocaust and offers a personal look into the era’s mass atrocities against minorities. Performances will be held February 6–8, 2014, in the Black Box Theatre.

The spring production, Wendy Wasserstein’s Uncommon Women and Others, serves as an inspiring season finale. The play examines a reunion of five female classmates and close friends at Mount Holyoke College during the 1970s, a time of social change for women. In a series of flashbacks, all of the humorous, tender, and bitter moments that have made them who they are come to life. Collectively, these “uncommon” women illustrate the diversity and long-lasting influence of the women’s movement in America. Directed by Ray Schultz, professor of theatre arts, Uncommon Women and its portrayal of women who paved the way for change and opportunity will resonate with the women of today. Performances will take place April 9–12, 2014, in the Black Box Theatre.

For more information, contact the Theatre Publicity and Box Office by phone at 320-589-6249 (Monday–Friday, 2-5 p.m.) or by email at

Pictured: Eli Patakos ’17, Rochester, Jonas Newhouse ’16, Minneapolis, and Eric Dymit ’17, Prior Lake.