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Kroska Triplets Stand Out, Fit In

Posted by Cassidy Long '17, Joliet, Illinois on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013

The University of Minnesota, Morris’s motto “stand out, fit in” represents a type of environment in which it is possible to have different wants or opinions and still feel a sense of belonging. Examples of this mindset can be found everywhere on campus, especially in triplets Clara ’17, Maryanna ’17, and Andrew Kroska ’17, Saint Joseph, who live in Gay Hall.

With diverse majors, and interests, the siblings “never planned to be going to the same college.” Clara was the first to visit the campus on the recommendation of a friend, and she found that the school met all of her wants and needs.

“What really struck me was the variety of options they offered in clubs, organizations, people, and majors,” she says.

Morris was the only in-state college to which Maryanna applied. After visiting out-of-state schools, she toured the campus at the insistence of her sister, and discovered the variety of opportunities the school offered.

“I chose this place because it felt the most like home,” says Maryanna. “It fit my perfect view of what college would be.”

Falling for “the scenery and the small-town feel,” Andrew was the last to apply. Coming in with no expectations, he is already getting involved in activities such as Ultimate Frisbee and Swing Club.

“I can never just do nothing,” he admits.

Even though they live in the same tower, Clara, Maryanna, and Andrew try to live individual lives. Clara and Maryanna even surprised everyone by applying for different roommates.

“People asked us ‘are you crazy? You’ll be with someone that you don’t know!’ But we each wanted a separate social experiences,” says Clara.

In the flurry of classes and activities, the three find it hard to find times to be together. Choir, the one activity they have together, allows them to see each other every day. In spite of their busy schedules, the siblings still try to support one another’s studying, homework, and extracurriculars.

“We each hold high expectations of ourselves,” says Maryanna. “We all really want to excel and help each other.”

Though they all came to Morris for a variety of reasons, Andrew, Clara, and Maryanna are able to support each other while following their own paths, finding a way to stand out and fit in.