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Morris Joins the Made in Minnesota Program

Posted by Cassidy Long '17, Joliet, Illinois on Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014

The University of Minnesota, Morris has been accepted into the Made in Minnesota solar incentive program. The program gives incentives to commercial, non-profit, and residential participants, selected by lottery, that install solar systems manufactured in Minnesota. It also reimburses participants based on the amount of solar energy produced.

Morris will receive a 20-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system later this year. The system uses panels of PV cells, which absorb light particles, to convert solar energy into usable power. The energy that the system generates will help offset the campus’s power use.

This solar power system will contribute to Morris’s numerous onsite energy-production technologies and initiatives. Sixty percent of the campus’s electricity comes from its two wind turbines. Its solar array heats the Regional Fitness Center swimming pools, and its continued work in biomass thermal conversion will reduce overall fossil fuel use.

“Cedar Creek Energy is looking forward to working with a nationally recognized campus for their work in sustainability and renewable energy distributed generation,” said Rob Appelhof, president of Cedar Creek Energy.

Morris’ affiliation with the Made in Minnesota program is made possible in part by the Cedar Creek Energy Company. The company specializes in solar panel installations and lighting as well as aiding companies and individuals in utilizing renewable energy. More information is available at