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Peer Health Educators and Foodlums Launch Refridgeraiders Program

Posted by Cassidy Long '17, Joliet, Illinois on Thursday, May. 8, 2014

With late night study sessions and early morning classes, the average college student often lets good eating habits fall to the wayside. Fortunately for University of Minnesota, Morris students, a new group is here to help. Refridgeraiders, created by Peer Health Educators (PHE) and Foodlums, is a floor program centered on forming a balanced diet with limited resources and time.

The program, which is nearing its final stages of preparation, will focus on three basic ideas: cooking with few utensils, cooking on a budget, and quick cooking—all while eating healthy foods.

Refridgeraiders began when Kaitlyn Macheledt ’15, New Richmond, Wisconsin, found inspiration at a meeting of Morris Healthy Eating (MHE). A casual remark about raiding students’ fridges left her interested in the title “Refridgeraiders.” After talking with friends and students, she deemed nutrition education a worthy cause.

“Coming to college, you may not know about nutrition,” says Macheledt. “You don’t know what opportunities there are or how to cook for yourself.”

Partnering with a fellow members of MHE and foodlums co-president Laura Yourd ’15, Bemidji, the two began drafting a program, enlisting help along the way from Foodlums and PHE. Yourd and Macheledt hope to do a test run next year, which would allow CAs to use the program on their floors next fall.

Macheledt hopes that the program will help students get involved and excited about their food and teach them how to eat healthily on their own. “How to store your food, what to buy, where to buy it, those kind of things that you don’t think about when your parents are buying all the food,” she says. “I want them to get excited about feeding themselves.”

Students who want to take part in the program as peer nutrition educators are invited to take a training program. For more information, contact PHE or Foodlums.

Pictured above: Refridgeraiders founder Kaitlyn Macheledt ’15, New Richmond, Wisconsin.