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Morris Commissions New Sculpture

Posted by Pengxeu Thao '15, Roseville on Tuesday, Jun. 24, 2014

On June 16 the University of Minnesota, Morris installed a new sculpture in the Welcome Center’s Legacy Courtyard. The sculpture, titled “Double Mobius Strip,” was created by Chicago-based artist Plamen Yordanov. Yordanov’s piece commemorates two distinct eras of campus history.

“This new sculpture speaks to the past, present, and future legacy of the campus,” says Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson. “It will energize and beautify the space, honor the West Central School of Agriculture, and support the twenty-first century mission of the University of Minnesota, Morris.”

The sculpture is part of a larger initiative to revitalize the courtyard space and to recognize two iterations of the campus. Representing continuity in the educational mission of the campus for both the West Central School of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota, Morris, it exemplifies the space’s celebration of campus history.

“This sculpture represents 'double richness' and continuation without end,” says Carla Riley ’85, director of external relations. “The Legacy Courtyard renovation project joins forever two eras of campus history and speaks to our hopes for the future of this place.”

The Welcome Center’s Legacy Courtyard was renovated last spring thanks to philanthropic commitments by the families of Lily and Walter “Slim” Hokanson ’30, Hollis Dyer ’51, the West Central School of Agriculture (WCSA) Alumni Association, and Morris’s Class of 2013. This beautification project not only revitalized an underutilized space, but also celebrated the WCSA era of campus and engaged a new generation of philanthropists.

A dedication of the sculpture is planned for Saturday, July 19, during the WCSA Summer All-School Reunion. For more information, visit