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Gateway and STELLAR Provide Academic and Cultural Enrichment

Posted by Pengxeu Thao '15, Roseville on Monday, Jul. 21, 2014

The University of Minnesota, Morris welcomed 29 students for the Gateway program and 31 students for the Summer Transition for English Language and Liberal Arts Readiness (STELLAR) program on Monday, July 21. For the next four weeks, these students will take summer classes, attend campus workshops, and participate in a variety of activities for a successful transition to Morris.

Gateway participants from 2013

The Gateway program was created in 1995 by the late Joseph Latterell, professor emeritus of chemistry, the late Thomas McRoberts, director of continuing education, and William Stewart, former Multi-Ethnic Student Program director. Each summer the program exposes students to a meticulous pre-collegiate experience and an abundance of campus resources that prepare them to enter and persist in college.

STELLAR participants from 2013

Since 2011 the STELLAR program has provided international students a welcoming introduction to the Morris campus. Students work with Morris professors and staff members to improve their English skills, learn about American campus life and academic culture, gain a better understanding of a liberal arts education, and earn college credits. The experience cultivates academic and cultural enrichment through a variety of activities in and out of the classroom.

Both programs will run until August 15. For more information on the Gateway program,, visit or call the Multi-Ethnic Resource Center at 320-589-6095. For more information about the STELLAR program, please contact the International Student Program at 320-589-6094 or

Pictured above: Students participating in the Gateway 2013 Closing Banquet