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One of the best buys in college education

Posted by Judy Riley on Friday, Nov. 17, 2006

The University of Minnesota, Morris is one of the Best Buys in College Education, according to Barron’s Ninth Edition. Colleges are selected to appear in the publication based on various criteria, including tuition rates as well as the results of a questionnaire that is completed by the dean of students and by students.

“Updated to keep pace with annually increasing costs, this popular and unusual directory is for students and parents seeking a first-rate education at a reasonable price. Barron’s profiles 240 colleges, giving the latest information on tuition and fees, academic programs, campus environment, financial aid resources, cost-cutting tips and more. Costs range from virtually tuition-free and some excellent publicly supported schools to others where costs are moderately high but still represent a bargain in terms of quality of education,” says the online description of the issue.

“As a public honors college, UMM remains steadfastly committed to its core values of quality, access and service,” said James Morales, associate vice chancellor for enrollment at UMM. “This means you’ll receive a balanced, comprehensive, honors education in the liberal arts and sciences – an academic experience that meets the highest standards of intellectual excellence. In addition, this high quality education is made available at a reasonable cost ensuring that students and families get the most for their money.”

Ninety-one percent of UMM students receive some form of financial assistance.

UMM offers a single tuition rate for students who attend from within Minnesota, from outside the state and for international students. In recognition of the Morris campus’ history as an Indian Boarding School from 1887-1910, American Indians attending the University of Minnesota, Morris are not required to pay tuition. To be eligible for the tuition waiver, students must show membership in a state or federally recognized American Indian tribe or provide other documentation or certification of American Indian ancestry/heritage. Applicants are not required to be residents of Minnesota.