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Emily Stout receives Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship

Posted by Crystal Oko '07, Woodbury on Friday, Mar. 23, 2007

Most students with two majors, a minor and an area of concentration would never dream of graduating in four years and maybe not even five, but University of Minnesota, Morris student, Emily Stout, Minneapolis, will do just that by continuing her fifth year of education in Ecuador. Stout is a recipient of the University of Minnesota Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship.

The Katherine E. Sullivan Scholarship provides an opportunity for seniors who attend any campus of the University of Minnesota to enrich their academic experience with a fifth year of undergraduate study in another country. The scholarship is intended to support credit-bearing and usually classroom-based study abroad that immerses the student in the host university, research institute, as well as in the host culture for a full academic year. Most costs will be covered.

Stout will graduate in Spring 2008 with a degree in English and Spanish, and a math minor. Like many students at UMM, she also developed her own area of concentration called, "International Social Development and Change." Stout attributes her many areas of study to "coming in with credits and taking a few semesters of 20 credits." Nonetheless, Stout has made the most of her UMM experience and will miss the people in Morris, who "go out of their way to help you." Tom McRoberts, director of the offices of Continuing Education and Regional Programs, the Center for Small Towns and the Center for International Programs at UMM, was one of those Morris people whom Stout especially cited who assisted her throughout the application process for the Scholarship. "It will be an amazing opportunity and with the help of people like Tom, the application process was a smooth process all together," explained Stout.

This will not be the first time Stout has been a world traveler. When she was younger her family traveled to Mexico often "staying at the non-tourist areas." Stout also attended a May Term through UMM in England and a service abroad program in Costa Rica during her freshman year at UMM.

Stout will leave in September for Ecuador with the Minnesota Studies in International Development program where she will attend courses that will focus on development issues. During the first half of the academic year courses are taken along with an internship in the student's interest area. The second half of the academic year is primarily devoted to the internship and also to developing the student’s own research project, usually about what they learned through the internship. Stout hopes that her internship will be in a legal field within a local NGO: "I'm definitely interested in legal advocacy, especially in terms of the intersection between human rights and environmental issues," she said.

Stout also says that she's "looking forward to learning how to speak Spanish fluently." Stout will return to the United States in May and hopes to attend law school in Fall 2008. She would like to pursue a career in social justice with a law background.

Stout expressed her thanks: "I am so thankful to everyone who helped me and for receiving this wonderful opportunity."

Photo by David Nieves '10, El Paso, Texas: Emily Stout