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An International Country Fair

Posted by Kim Melchert '10, Waconia on Monday, Nov. 26, 2007

Students and faculty showcased the country where they have studied, traveled or worked during the annual International Country Fair hosted by the Center for International Programs and the Study Abroad Advising Service at UMM.

Sharon Van Eps of the Center for International Programs said that the Fair gives students a chance to see the study abroad opportunities that UMM has to offer. “[The International Country Fair] began in the early 2000s when UMM was looking for ways to promote its Study Abroad program,” said Van Eps. “The purpose of the Fair is to help students realize the opportunities that are available and for students who have traveled to speak about their experiences and how it may have impacted them,” Van Eps said, “Anyone on campus - students, staff and faculty - can be involved.”

The Fair featured the May Session Study Abroad opportunity as well other programs that are available through the UMM Exchange Program. Door prizes were awarded and food from around the world was on hand.

Van Eps said of the Fair: “It helps to internationalize the campus by showcasing international students…it is a very unique event students can talk about their study abroad experiences, show what they bought, show their native dress and recap their experiences.”

Photo by Kim Melchert