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Students in Multi-Ethnic Mentorship Program present their work

Posted by Judy Riley on Friday, Apr. 11, 2008

Students who have participated in the 2007-08 Multi-Ethnic Mentorship Program (MMP) presented the results of their work April 7. This year’s MMP had 12 projects in the disciplines of art, biology, political science, economics, philosophy, computer science, French, environmental science and education.

MMP Coordinator Fang Du provided the welcome and a program overview. Hilda Ladner, director of the Multi-Ethnic Student Program and assistant to the chancellor, gave closing remarks. Special thanks was given to Chris Butler for coordinating MMP “with dedication and care during the fall 2007 semester.”

Students who participated in the MMP program, along with their presentations and mentors, are as follows:

Linking a Culture through Art
Yang Mee Moua/ studio art/ Mentor: Therese Buchmiller

Applying Concepts from Human Computer Interaction to Design and Implement Software for Children
Fernando Trinciante/ computer science / Mentor: Kristin Lamberty

Distribution of lnu(A) in Macrolide-Lincosamide-Streptogramin (MLS) Resistant Strains of Staphylococcus from Cows’ Milk Collected on Conventional and Organic Dairies.
Kau Chee Vang/ biology / Timna Wyckoff

Reuse of Ground Water for Make-up Water
Tou Ger Pha/ environmental science / Lowell Rasmussen

Examining first year students' experience on Tinto's retention model: An evaluation of a summer transition program for students of color
Tenisha Thurman/education/Mentor: Fang Du and Chris Butler

Americans as the Model Minority
Qiaj Vang/ economics / Pareena Lawrence

Mating Colonial Growth Neurospora Strains with Bioluminescent Strains
Olivia Awoudi/ biology / Mentor: Van Gooch

Headstart to Teaching Abroad
Sheng Vang / education/Mentor: Pam Solvie

Fundraiser for the National Rosacea Society
Pa Vang / economics / Mentor: Jillian Hiscock

Making Music in Occupied France
Soanirina Ketsa Dejong/ French /Mentor: Tammy Berberi

Students Today, Leaders for Life: UMM Leadership Program
Andrew Joyner / political science / Mentor: Paula O'Laughlin

Philosophy, Religion and Choice
Jacob Croonenberghs / philosophy / Mentor: Tamler Sommers

PHOTO: Van Gooch and Olivia Awoudi