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Carrie Wickstrom's scholarship story

Posted by Judy Korn on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009

At one point during her West Central School of Agriculture (WCSA) career, Carrie Wickstrom believed continuing her education would be impossible. Her father died in the 1918 influenza outbreak leaving behind a wife and eight children, and her family could not continue to pay the tuition. An anonymous donor made it possible for Wickstrom to graduate in 1929. After completing a teaching certificate, Wickstrom taught in Minnesota elementary schools for more than thirty years.

Sixty years after WCSA graduation, Wickstrom established a charitable remainder trust that upon her death would endow the Carrie Wickstrom Scholarship Fund. Remembering how she wished she had met her scholarship donor, Wickstrom created a second trust to provide annual scholarships that were awarded during her lifetime. Until her death in 1999, Wickstrom met all of her elementary education scholarship recipients.

Photo: the late Carrie Wickstrom '29