University of Minnesota Morris

New Student Orientation

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New Student Orientation is held for Three days prior to Fall Semester classes. It’s three days of activity, information, and fun for new students that will help them to prepare for ‘life at UMM’ when Fall Semester classes begin.

New Student Orientation Schedule

Throughout Orientation, incoming students will...

Sunday, August 21, is the first day of Student Orientation. Move-in and check-in for all new students is from 8:30 a.m.–1 p.m. If you will be living on campus, please go to your assigned residence hall building for check-in. There will be a crew of upper class students at each hall to help you unload and move your belongings, please make sure that everything is labeled with your name, hall and room number. Once you have unloaded your belongings into your room, please come to the Student Center where we will have a check in for orientation. Here you will get a copy of your personalized orientation schedule as well as several other pieces of information to help you over the next week.

If you have not yet registered for classes, please contact the Academic Advising Office at (320) 589-6010 to make arrangements.

For more information on new student orientation, please contact the Morris Office of Student Activities at 320-589-6080.