University of Minnesota Morris

Conference Images

Lowell Rasmussen

Lowell Rasmussen is the Principal Investigator for UMM's Getty grant, which largely funded the conference.

Dennis Gimmestad

Dennis Gimmestad of the Minnesota Historical Society was one of the key organizers of the conference. The Minnesota Historical Society was a co-sponsor of the conference.

Mary Hughes

Mary Hughes of the University of Virginia was the keynote speaker.

Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson, featured speaker, gave a entertaining and informative talk on landscape preservation.

Case Study

Preservation case studies were presented June 23 by Richard Strong (Carleton), Mary Hughes (University of Virginia), Brenda Williams and Arnold Alanen (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Frank Presentation

UMM's preservation plan - a work in progress - was presented.

Campus Tour Camputs Tour

Walking tours highlighting the history of the campus were part of the conference


Our picnic was moved indoors due to volatile weather.


Lunch was another opportunity for conference participants to talk preservation.

Ice Cream

Ice cream was a cool treat.