University of Minnesota Morris

Who’s Who: Committees and Contributors

The Historic Preservation Plan has been a concerted effort among many participants. Our Advisory Committee consists of architects, consultants, members of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities community, the University of Minnesota, Morris community, and the City of Morris. Its purpose is to complete guidelines that will inform future development of both buildings and landscape at UMM. The UMM Committee is a group of campus volunteers consisting of professors, administrators and students who advise other details of the effort, from the mapping of campus landscape to putting together literally hundreds of images reflecting the changes the campus has gone through. The Display Committee is working to develop a portable display reflecting the history and changes of the campus. Many other individuals have helped the project along, and we would like to acknowledge the breadth and depth of all contributions and extend our thanks to those individuals.

To see a more comprehensive, written list of project contributers, click here.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee: (left to right)
Back Row: Randee Hokanson, Dennis Gimmestad, Mieka Hoffman, Lowell Rassumussen, Chuck Koncker, Stephen Gross
Center Row: Peter Orr, Susan Granger, Chuck Liddy, Wes Grey
Front: Tom Mahoney, Frank Martin
Not pictured: Michael Bjonberg, Jay Fier, Jack Grundtner, Robert Harvey, Clint Hewitt, Carol McCannon

Display Committee

Display Committee Members: Susan Granger, Matt Ottinger, Therese Buchmiller, Judy Korn, Annie Olson, Stephen Gross

Jason Phelps

Jason Phelps mapped trees throughout the campus using GPS


Lowell Rasmussen, Project PI and UMM Associate Vice Chancellor of Physical Plant and Master Planning

Annie Olson

Annie Olson has served on both the Display and Campus Committees

Matt Ottinger

Matt Ottinger, student, has been scanning and identifying more than 400 photos. He also has served on the Display Committee and as coordinator.

Campus Committee

UMM Campus Committee Members: Gail Boe, Mieka Hoffman, Susan Granger, Annie Olson, Stephen Gross, Jason Phelps, Carol McCannon, and Lowell Rasmussen
Not pictured: Tom Mahoney, Peter Orr, Therese Buchmiller