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Academic Progress Audit System (APAS)

  • Office of the Registrar

The Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) is a tool for both students and advisers. The report provides progress information towards general education requirements, majors or major/minor requirements, and degree completion. Students cannot graduate until all APAS requirements are completed. APAS is the “Document of Record” used to certify completion of the degree. It is archived with your permanent records after graduation.


  • prior to registering to review which requirements need to be completed;
  • after registering to confirm that new classes meet requirements;
  • when grades are posted to review courses counting towards graduation;
  • to explore majors by using the “what if” option;
  • regularly to confirm graduation requirements as completed, especially during your senior year.

APAS-Make it Green

  • You cannot graduate until your APAS shows all green checkmarks and no red Xs!

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