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GPA Calculation

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated only on the A–F Grading System. Other grading systems are not calculated in your GPA.

Grade Point Values for Each Letter Grade

A 4.000 grade points
A- 3.667 grade points
B+ 3.333 grade points
B 3.000 grade points
B- 2.667 grade points
C+ 2.333 grade points
C 2.000 grade points
C- 1.667 grade points
D+ 1.333 grade points
D 1.000 grade points
F 0.000 grade points

Grading Symbols Not Calculated in the GPA

Calculating a GPA

To calculate a term, cumulative, major, or minor GPA, multiply the grade points by the number of credits for which the class is offered (i.e. 4.000 grade points X 3 credits = 12.000). Repeat this for each class. Add the total number of grade points. Add the total number of A–F credits completed. Divide total number of grade points by total number of A–F credits completed and this will be your GPA. Refer to the example below.

Biol 1101 B+ 3 credits 3.333 grade points 3cr X 3.333gp = 9.999gp
Engl 1001 A 4 credits 4.000 grade points 4cr X 4.000gp = 16.000gp
Hist 1102 A- 4 credits 3.667 grade points 4cr X 3.667gp = 14.668gp
Soc 1101 C 4 credits 2.000 grade points 4cr X 2.000gp = 8.000gp
15 total cr 48.667 total gp