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Release Academic Holds

Academic Holds

Advising holds

Students with 59 or fewer completed credits have an advising hold on their records prior to each registration session. Faculty remove this hold after preregistration advising meetings.

Probation holds

Students on probation have a probation hold on their records and need adviser permission to register. Probated students may register during their appointed times after meeting with their advisers, but the probation hold remains on their student records.

Financial Holds

A hold may be imposed on accounts if students are financially indebted to the University (e.g. unpaid tuition, fees, fines, or delinquent health service payments).

If a financial hold is on your record, you may not register or, in many cases, obtain transcripts or your diploma until that hold is cleared with the office imposing the hold. Use the hold application for your current hold information, including the name of the department or office where your specific hold may be cleared.

Resolving holds

To remove a hold from your student record, you must first pay the debt owed and be cleared by the cashier in the Business Office.

When you clear any hold, the unit imposing the hold will electronically remove the hold from your record. Units may, on occasion, issue temporary hold releases that allow you to either receive one transcript or to register during the semester in progress.

If, in order to register, you pay a Student Account Assistance (SAA) hold for a previous semester with a personal check that is returned for insufficient funds, you will be sent a notice by SAA. Your current registration may be canceled, if you fail to respond to this notice and pay your debt.

Disciplinary Holds

A hold may be placed on students’ records for disciplinary reasons. Students will be notified of an existing or impending disciplinary hold by the committee or office authorizing the hold.