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Multi-I Registration

A consortium agreement exists among the five campuses of the University of Minnesota that allows students to take classes, including online, from another campus. Under this agreement students are allowed to attend another campus for either fall or spring semester during an academic year without losing their status or jeopardizing eligibility for student financial assisted programs at their home campus. It is critical that students understand the relationship with each campus for registration, student status, and financial aid purposes.

Please note that for summer registration all degree seeking students must apply for Multi-I student status before registering for summer courses at another University campus. It is recommended that you begin the process in March.

The approval form confirms that your non-Morris courses will count toward graduation. Not all University of Minnesota courses will count towards the bachelor of arts at Morris.

The transfer evaluation coordinator approves acceptance toward degree and General Education requirements.

Faculty discipline coordinator approve courses for majors and minors.

Financial Aid Approval

Students receiving grants, loans, work study, or scholarships must discuss plans with a financial aid officer. Written approval on the application form is required. Note that not all courses taught at the University of Minnesota are eligible to receive financial aid.

Multi-I status

Submit completed forms at the Office of the Registrar. In person submission is encouraged. Allow adequate time for processing. Students are notified via email when their setup is complete and can register on another campus as a Multi-I student.

One Stop Sites for other University of Minnesota campuses

Morris remains your “home” campus, but you will register through the OneStop site for the “host” campus you are visiting.


If registered for courses at more than one University campus, students receive a bill from each campus for tuition and fees. If they are assessed duplicate fees (i.e., Student Service Fee), students must contact the campus where they do NOT want to pay the fee(s) and ask that the fees be reversed.

If you receive financial aid and are registered for classes at both your home and a host campus during the same term, your financial aid will be based on the combined credits for which you are registered at both campuses. However, your aid will be disbursed and applied to your bill at your home campus only. It will not apply directly to your bill at your host campus. You will be responsible for paying that bill separately. If you receive a financial aid credit balance refund check, those funds can be used to pay your bill at your host campus.

If students are registered for all classes at the “host” campus they are visiting, the billing email is sent from host campus. Financial aid received at the “home” campus will be sent to the student in the form of a credit balance refund check, which should be used to pay the bill from the “host” campus.

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