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Faculty Grading

Faculty use the Web Grading System to submit grades for all classes. The Internet ID (X.500 Username) and password are used to log in. The login will disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity. Save often.

Note: Submitting grades, change of grade, or approving grade changes require that you “clear your cache” in your web browser. Supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Grade submission will not work properly without clearing the cache.

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    When are grades due?

    According to University Policy, final grades are due no later than three business days after the last final exam.

    Final grades for classes offered during the first seven-week session are also due three business days after the final exam for the course.

    Why are grades due so soon after the end of the term?

    Students are always anxious to find out their grades for courses. In addition, a number of important processes depend on final grades. The impact of late grades can be very serious. Students can:

    • face probation or suspension;
    • face probation or suspension of financial aid;
    • lose athletic eligibility;
    • lose scholarships;
    • face delay of graduation;
    • face delay of tuition reimbursement;
    • risk termination of Veteran’s Administration benefits;
    • risk loss of honors status;
    • have their admission to a graduate program postponed;
    • lose their good-student insurance discount;
    • lose job opportunities.
    When will the students’ grades be posted?
    Students’ grades will be posted to their records on a nightly basis, so students will be able to view their grades the next day. Grades submitted on the weekend can be viewed the next day. This means that students may be seeing grades “trickle” in, instead of seeing all or most of their grades on one specified date.
    When is the system available for use?

    The web grading system will be available starting on the Monday of the last week of instruction for the semester.

    The web grading system will be unavailable from 3:30 until 5:30 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and 3:30 a.m. through 12:30 p.m., Sunday for system backup.

    Instructors of courses that are offered during the first seven weeks of the term will be able to access the system beginning the Monday of the last week of instruction of the seven-week session.

    How are grades submitted via the web?

    Submitting grades via the web is very simple. First, you will need to connect to the web grading system. You will need your Internet ID (X.500 Username) and password to log into the web grading system. Your Internet ID is the prefix before the @ sign in the University assigned e-mail address. For many people this is the first few letters of their last name followed by a few numbers. Passwords are individually set (see the phone numbers below for assistance with passwords or Internet ID problems).

    After you have logged into the system, you will need to select the correct term. Next, you will be prompted to choose the course for which you wish to submit final grades. Your choice of courses will be based on the courses for which you are listed in PeopleSoft as the instructor of record. Once you have chosen the appropriate course, you will be given a list of students officially registered for the course. At this point you can either enter final grades for each of the students listed on your grade roster or you can upload grades from a separate grade file.

    Supplemental grades or grade changes are submitted on the web as well.

    How do I upload a grade file that I have already created?

    The web grading system has the capability to upload grade files from a variety of formats. For faculty who keep grades in a spreadsheet or a word processing file, it is easy to create a file that can be uploaded to submit all grades at once.

    1. Modify your existing grade file to include only a student’s ID number and the associated grade.
    2. To upload your modified grade sheet, you will first click on the “upload” button at the top, right of the grade roster in the web grading system.
    3. Once you have clicked on the upload button, the system will automatically open up a dialogue box from which you need to locate your grade file.
    4. Once you have located the file that you want to upload, double click on it and the web grading system will automatically upload the grade information to the web grading system. After the grades have been uploaded, the system will let you know how many of the grades from your grading file have been uploaded to the web grading system (e.g., 10 of 10 grades uploaded, 8 of 15 grades uploaded), the ID numbers of the students whose grades were not uploaded will be displayed in this message.
    5. For students whose grades did not upload, you will need to either enter the grade by hand in the empty box next to their name on the grade roster or change their entry on your grade file and re-upload the file.
    6. After you have verified all grades on the grade roster, you will need to click the “Submit to Registrar” button to submit your grades.

    Uploading grades from separate files will need to occur on a class-by-class basis. There is no way to upload all grades from a department or school at one time. This is also true of multiple sections for a course. Each section must be individually uploaded.

    Is there assistance available if I need help?

    Yes. If you have problems with your username or password for the x.500 system, contact:

    Morris Technology Help Desk

    If the x.500 system will not allow you access to the web grading system, contact:


    If you experience problems while you are in the web grading system or are having difficulty using the system, contact the Student Records Help Line at 612-625-2803.

    If you have questions about grading policies, contact the Office of the Registrar at 320-589-6030.

    What if when I log into the system my class is not listed?

    Class lists for individual faculty come from a central database listing of instructors of record. Being included on this list gives instructors access to student photos and email addresses, including those who have asked to have their directory information suppressed. If your class is not listed, then the database does not include your name for the class.

    If you are not listed as an instructor of record, you will need to contact the Office of the Registrar to ask that they update the information in the central database. Once this information is updated in the system, you will need to re-log into the system. Updated instructor of record information will not be “real-time.” The web grading system will be updated twice a day, once at noon and once in the evening, to capture new instructor of record information.

    If there is an instructor of record but the roster isn’t there, call 320-589-6030 for assistance.

    What if I teach classes on more than one campus?
    Once you log into the web grading system, you will see a list of all of the classes that you are teaching for that semester regardless of the campus on which they are taught. If you are teaching a course on both the Twin Cites and Morris campuses, you will see both courses in your list.
    I teach a large class. Do I have to turn in all the grades at the same time?
    The web grading system allows you to assign some grades to students on your roster and then save the roster to continue working on it at a later time. However, the web grading system will not permit you to submit a partially completed grade roster to the Office of the Registrar.
    I am responsible for the lectures in a course with a number of required recitation (laboratory) sections. Which part of a course is considered the graded component and who is responsible for submitting the grade?
    Generally, the lab section is considered the graded component for a course. This means that you need to make sure that the correct person is assigned as the instructor for this portion. Unless you want someone else to enter the grades for this section, the person assigned as the instructor of record or proxy will be responsible for entering the grades for this portion of the course.
    Can I designate someone else to enter grades?

    Yes, the web-grading system has proxy access. This means that someone else can be given rights to access your class roster and submit the grades via the web. Proxy access must be established prior to entering grades in order for the proxy to be able to access the system.

    On the Morris campus, the Office of the Registrar sets up proxy access. The web grading system will audit who has proxy access and which grades are entered by that access.

    Will I see the grading basis for the students in my classes?
    For courses that are taught on the Twin Cities, Morris, and Crookston campus a student’s grading basis will display on the student roster for the course.
    Will I be able to use +/- grading?
    Yes. The +/- grading is in effect.
    What happens with S-N grades?
    If a student is registered S-N, you may submit either an S or an N. If you submit a letter grade (i.e., A, B, C) the grade submission system will automatically convert a letter grade to the corresponding S-N grade. In accordance with University Grading Policy the system will automatically convert any grade of C- or better to an “S” grade and any grade lower than a C- to an “N” grade. If an instructor has chosen a higher threshold than a C- as necessary to earn an “S” he or she must enter the “S” or “N” grade on the grade roster. The system will not allow S-N grades to be submitted for courses in which this grading option is not available for students. You may submit an “I” grade for students who have registered for the course S-N.
    Why are some of my grades already completed on my roster and I can’t change them?
    Grades for students who are auditing (“V” grade) will automatically be attached to the student. Also, students who have withdrawn from the course will have a “W” grade attached to their name. There may be other special and limited circumstances, (e.g., students called to active military duty, where grades have been assigned early). Arrangements for these cases are usually handled through the Office of the Registrar.
    Once the grades are entered and submitted, can I make changes?
    No. Once you have submitted the grades to the Office of the Registrar you cannot change the grades. If you submitted a grade in error or discover an error in calculating a student’s grade, you need to submit the new grade via the supplemental grade system online.
    Will the system let me know if I am missing any student grades?
    Yes. The web grading system will not allow you to submit a partially completed grade roster to the registrar. The system will also automatically edit your submissions for valid grades (i.e., convert an A grade to an S grade if the student has registered for the class on the S-N grading basis). Also, the system will notify you if there is a problem with the grading file you are uploading.
    Can I submit a partially completed grade roster?
    No. You must enter a grade for each student on your grade roster before the system will permit you to submit your grades.
    Can I get a printout after I enter the grades?
    Yes, you can get a printout after you enter your grades. Access the print command in the “File” menu at the left of the toolbar at the top of the screen. The graded roster should print to the designated printer for your computer.
    Can I enter grades from my computer at home?
    Yes. However, as with most web applications the connection from home may be significantly slower than the connection from your office. If you do not have a DSL line or another form of high-speed internet access, it is possible you may have difficulty accessing and using the web grading system.
    What are the browser requirements for using the web grading system?
    The web grading system works best in Internet Explorer. It is preferred that you use version 5.0 and higher.
    If I complete only some of the grade roster, will the system automatically save my submissions?

    No. You must save your work. When you click on the “save” button on the grade roster your work will be saved in the web grading system, not your computer. When you return to complete your grading or if something happens to break your connection to the web grading system, you can resume entering grades at the point of your last save. It is recommended that you save your work regularly.

    If you have not used the application in more than an hour, the web grading system will automatically log you out. If you are logged out and you have not saved your information it will be lost.

    Will the system automatically send my grades to the Office of the Registrar if I have not submitted them by the deadline?
    No. You must click the “Submit to the Registrar” button for your grades to be submitted. The web grading system will automatically display a warning message on the grade roster when you have entered all of your grades, saved the file and have not submitted it to the registrar.
    When is the grade roster generated?
    Grade rosters will be generated the Thursday of the second-to-the-last week of the semester. Grade rosters will be available for use the Monday of the last week of instruction. These dates will be adjusted proportionately for half-semester courses. Individual grade rosters can be generated on a case-by-case basis by the Office of the Registrar at the request of the instructor by calling 320-589-6030.
    What if a student does not appear on the class roster?

    If a student has been attending your class and completing the required work but does not appear on your roster, then that student is not officially registered for the class. The student must register for the class and be graded through the supplemental grading process. Only students who are officially registered will appear on grade rosters. You will not be able to add students to your grade roster.

    In these situations, please refer students to the Office of the Registrar to register for the course.

    It is possible that additional students have been registered for a course after the grade roster has been created. If your roster does not agree with the class roster call the Office of the Registrar to have the grade roster recreated. This cannot be done if you have already submitted your grades.

    What if a student on the roster has never attended the class or turned in any work?
    If a student appears on your roster and he or she has not completed any of the work for the course in all likelihood the student never dropped the course. If a student has registered for a course and not completed any of the work the appropriate grade for that student is “F”. You may not leave this student’s grade blank. You will not be allowed to submit your grade roster without submitting a grade for each student on the roster.
    Is a signature required for each grade roster?
    No. The system does not require a signature for submission of final grades. Instructors should follow their division’s policies regarding any prior division review/approval of grades. Supplemental grades (i.e., grade changes) online will require division approval. Various reports will be available from the Information Management Systems (IMS) to monitor the grading process and the submission of grades.
    I teach a seven-week course. Does this policy apply to me?
    Yes. Instructors of seven-week courses will need to use the web-based grading system. For courses offered the first seven-week session the system will be available for use starting the Monday of the last week of instruction. Courses offered the second seven-week session of the semester would submit their grades at the end of the semester.
    If a proxy is established, does the proxy have sole authority to enter grades?
    Anyone who is listed in PeopleSoft as an instructor of record and who has not been disallowed from entering grades will have access to enter grades.
    If there is more than one instructor of record for a course, does each one have authority for grade entry?
    Yes. Anyone listed in PeopleSoft as an instructor of record and who has not been disallowed from entering grades will have authority to enter grades. Once grades have been submitted to the Office of the Registrar, however, grade changes must be made via the Grade Change system.
    What does “Last Date of Participation” mean?
    “Last Date of Participation” refers to the last date a student either handed in work for a course (i.e., assigned homework, quizzes, exams, or papers), or attended a course.
    Why am I being asked for this information?

    The University of Minnesota is required to cancel 50 percent of a student’s federal Title IV funds if no course participation can be determined for students who receive all F’s, N’s, or a combination of them for a term. To read more about this regulation, please see pages 5-66 and 5-67 of the Student Financial Aid Handbook.

    By capturing the last date of participation, the University is able to ensure that the student retains the appropriate amount of financial aid and/or that the appropriate amount is returned.

    Do I have to include it for every student?
    You need only include a last date of participation for students who earn a grade of “F” or “N.”
    What if I’m unsure of the student’s last date of participation?
    If you cannot use the last date you received work for the student or the last date the student attended, use the last date of a required quiz, test, or homework assignment. Essentially, use the last date for which you could have recorded participation for the student. If you have recorded no participation or attendance, use the first day of the term.
    What happens to a student’s financial aid if no date can be determined?
    Federal regulation requires that the University of Minnesota automatically cancel 50 percent of the student’s federal Title IV funds if no course participation can be determined for a term. Again, if you are unable to determine any date of participation please enter the first date of the term.
    What if the student receives an “I” and then earns an “F” later?
    Students who earn an “I” and receive an “F” later will not require a last date of participation be entered. The requirement is only for students who earn an “F” or “N” at the time the grade is first submitted into the system.
    What happens if I don’t submit the date?
    If you do not record a final date of participation for students earning an “F” or “N,” you will be unable to submit your grade roster for the term. Grades are due 72 business hours after the last final exam.
    If I submit a date and later learn it is wrong, can I correct it?
    Once a grade has been submitted, you will not be able to change the date. Student financial aid is typically processed within two to three days after grades are due so any corrections to the date should be requested as quickly as possible after you submit a grade. If you determine that the date you submitted is incorrect, please contact the Student Records Training Team via email at srhelp@umn.edu as soon as possible.
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  • Last Date of Participation »

    “Last Date of Participation” refers to the last date a student who earned an F or N handed in work for a course (i.e., assigned homework, quizzes, exams, or papers) or attended a class.

  • “I” Grades »

    Per the Grading and Transcripts policy, instructor and student are required to complete the Incomplete Grades Form when the instructor submits an I grade for a student.

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  • Frequently Asked Supplemental Grades Questions »
    When is the system available for use?
    The system is available seven days a week; however, it is unavailable from 3:30 until 5:30 a.m. Monday–Saturday and 3:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Sunday for system backup.
    Can I designate someone else to enter supplemental grades?
    Yes. You may designate a proxy to enter early/late grades or grade changes. To designate a proxy you should contact the Office of the Registrar, (320) 589-6030.
    Will I need approval from my department if I am entering a grade late or early?
    No, you will not need approval when entering grades late or early, however, you will need approval for grade changes.
    How long does it take for a grade change to be processed?
    Since all UMM divisions require approval for grade changes, the grade change will be processed after it is approved or denied by the division chair.
    How far back can I enter grade changes?
    You can enter grade changes online for courses taught beginning fall 1999. For grade changes prior to fall 1999, you must submit a “Grade Change” form to the Office of the Registrar. To obtain a “Change of Grade” form, please contact the division office or the Office of the Registrar.
    I have submitted my change of grade and forgot to add a comment. Can I add one later?
    No. Once you click the “submit” button you may not return to enter comments. So it is very important to check your change of grade and comments before submitting them.
    I am using free form comments in Internet Explorer and I cannot scroll up. Is there anything else I can do?
    Internet Explorer may not allow you to use the scroll button. If not, use the up/down arrow keys on your keyboard.
    The comment option I need is not on the standard list. What do I do?
    You can type the comment in free form.
    How do I choose which reason code to use?
    Below is the list of reason codes and Office of the Registrar definitions.
    • Error in Initial Grade Entry—The initial submission of this grade was incorrect due to a keying or transposing error.
    • Initial Grade Entry—This is the first grade submitted for this student for this class for this term.
    • Late Coursework submitted—The student’s grade is being changed because additional coursework was submitted after the initial grade was assigned.
    • Made up or completed I, K or X—The student’s grade is being updated from a grade of I, K or X to a final grade.
    • Other—None of the listed predefined reasons match this situation. I will give an explanation in the Comment field.
    • Student Changed Grading Basis—The student had a different grading basis at the time the final grade was submitted from what the grading basis is now.
    • Student’s Work Re-evaluated—No new work has been submitted. The existing student work was re-evaluated and reconsidered. Something of value was overlooked in the initial evaluation of the work.
    Why did I receive more than one notification for the same completed grade change?
    Email notifications are sent to everyone on the instructor list including the proxy and department contact person. If you have both roles, you will receive more than one email for the same change of grade.
    Does the student receive an email notifying him/her of the grade change?
    No. If a student is expecting a grade change they should monitor their transcript.
    How do I find out who made the grade change for a class?
    Both the confirmation and approval emails will contain the line “Initiated by:” with information listing the name and email address of the person who made the grade change.
    I have been designated an approver for my department. What does this mean?
    This means that you have been selected to receive emails each time there is a grade change has been made. It is your responsibility to approve or deny the grade change.
    I have been designated an approver for my department. Why did I receive more than one request for grade changes in the same class?
    A “request for approval email” is sent each time an instructor clicks the “submit” button for that class. If an instructor submits several grade changes in different transactions, you will get an email for each time. But if the instructor submits several changes in only one transaction then you will receive one email.
    I am an approver and have deleted the email with the link to approve or deny a grade change. How do I get to the class I need to approve?
    The link can also be located from the Web Grading page. The link is labeled “Approve Grade Changes.”
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The Grade Distribution Report provides an analysis of undergraduate student achievement and is available by academic year, term, institution, college, subject, and course level.

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