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Hospital Response

You can go to the emergency room at the hospital (589-1313) or Health Services (ext. 6070 M-F 8:00am-4:00pm) for a medical exam. They cannot report to the police without your consent, and they may find injuries you weren't aware you had. The hospital can:

  • provide treatment for any internal injuries and STI's.
    * if you choose, collect evidence in case you decide on legal action in the future. Do not wash, shower, douche, or change your clothes.
    * allow you to have a family member, friend or advocate with you for support.
    There is no cost for the exam.

UMM Violence Prevention Coordinator (589-6061) and Someplace Safe Advocates (800-974-3359) are available to be with you through the medical process.

What if I Don't Want to Do Anything?
It is common to want to keep your experience secret, try to forget it and act as if nothing has happened. However, that choice leaves you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and more limited choices later. A person who is sexually assaulted needs medical attention. Even if you don't intend to report the rape, it is still important to be examined in case you change your mind.