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Programming and Training

The Violence Prevention Program provides programming and training for the University of Minnesota, Morris campus.  VPP has provided floor programs for residence halls, prevention programming for food services, awareness programming for student organizations, healthy relationship programming for Gateway and support in promoting violence prevention efforts hosted by other organizations.  The Violence Prevention Program also presents in collaboration with campus and community partners the mandatory awareness and prevention program, College Challenges, to new students during orientation. 

The Violence Prevention Program annually trains Gateway Mentors and Residential Life Staff on recognizing signs of sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking.  They are also trained to in accessing immediate support for victims/survivors in crisis situations.  VPP also trains the Student Behavior Committee (UMM Judicial Affairs) annually to assist in minimizing re-victimization of victims/survivors.

The Violence Prevention Program collaborates with students, faculty and staff to assist in the enhancement of resources for the campus and the community.  Through the Service Learning Program, class discussions and internships awareness and prevention of sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking are promoted.

The Violence Prevention Program is able to create a program or training to fit any topic related to sexual violence, relationship violence and stalking.  Programs and Trainings are presented by the Violence Prevention Coordinator and/or Violence Prevention Educators.

Programs and Trainings that the VPP has available:

Sexual Assault Response and Procedures

Healthy Relationships 101
Healthy Sexuality (available November 2007)
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
Sex in the Media

Real Men Wanted (available November 2007)