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Report to Law Enforcement

Making a report to law enforcement allows the incident to be documented and evidence preserved.  It is helpful to law enforcement if you report as soon as possible.  By making a report to law enforcement, you are not "filing charges."  The County Attorney makes all decisions about whether charges are filed against someone.  It is policy in Stevens County to consult the victim and not to proceed with prosecution without the approval of the victim; except in unusual cases. Please note that if you give approval to prosecute it is the county attorney who will make the final decision to press charges.

You can report a sexual assault by calling 911, contacting campus police (589-6000), or local law enforcement (589-1155). Any of these numbers will connect you with the appropriate law enforcement agency: Campus Police, Morris Police Department, and the Stevens County Sheriff's Office. All have trained sexual assault investigators.

UMM Violence Prevention Coordinator (589-6061) and Someplace Safe Advocates (800-974-3359) are available to accompany you through reporting process.

Can I Make a Report Elsewhere?
You can contact Someplace Safe for an advocate by calling 589-3208 or 1-800-974-3359 (24-hour response line) or UMM's Violence Prevention Coordinator/Survivor Advocate at (320) 589-6061.