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Warning Signs

Does one person in the relationship…

  • Insult his/her significant other in public?
  • Act really jealous if his/her boyfriend talks to others?
  • Check in on the other constantly?
  • Make decisions for the other?
  • Blow disagreements out of proportion?
  • Threaten to break up, or constantly worry/accuse that the other will break up with them?
  • Lose his/her temper verbally?
  • Break or hit things to intimidate the other?
  • Blame the other for their own problems?
  • Abuse drugs and/or alcohol?

Does the other person in the relationship…

  • Constantly cancel plans for reasons that don’t sound true?
  • Always worry about making their boyfriend/girlfriend angry?
  • Give up things that are important?
  • Show signs of physical abuse, like bruises or cuts?
  • Get pressured into having sex, or feel like a sex object?
  • Have a boy/girlfriend that wants them to be available all the time?
  • Become isolated from friends or family?