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UMM Bos Research Fund Award

The UMM Bos Research Fund has been established to enhance the successful undergraduate research experiences of UMM students. Funds are available to cover expenses for undergraduate travel expenses related to research, with preference for expenses related to presentation of research/scholarship at conferences or similar. Highest preference will be given for travel expenses related to research/scholarly presentations followed by travel expenses related to data acquisition. Other expenses related to research or other scholarly activity would be considered only if funds permit and other sources have been explored.
Typically, awards will not exceed 50% of the total expenses, so that more students can benefit from the fund. Meal and food expenses will not be considered part of the award. A cap may be imposed on total expenses reimbursed when groups of students apply to travel to the same meeting/conference. Only students who are actually presenting will be reimbursed through this fund. Reimbursements will be made directly to the individual students receiving an award.  Reimbursements will not be made to EFS accounts, faculty members, groups, or individuals paying for travel expenses for the student.
All students are eligible to apply, including previous recipients who may apply for a second award from the fund, although first-time applications will be favored over previous recipients. A preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors. The size of the awards will be based on the number of applicants and need.

Additional notes:
    *If travel is to present at the annual NCUR conference, Bos funds will only be
     considered if funds from the University's Undergraduate Research Office have
     been requested first. Contact Vicky Munro ( or Jeffrey
     Ratliff-Crain ( for more information.

    *Contact your research adviser or Aaron Wenzel, ACE director, for ideas on
     how to obtain funds from additional sources.
The Dean's Office will issue a call for applications during spring semester and award decisions are made later that term. Awards will be given for travel occurring within the same fiscal year as the decision. Be sure to save your receipts!
Contact Adele Lawler, 589-6018,

Bos Research Fund Award Application Form