The Faculty Enrichment Program

University of Minnesota, Morris



1.     Guidelines

                  a.      Mentoring pairs usually meet once every week or two but certainly should meet no fewer than six times a semester.

                  b.     The mentoring pair should design an activities/discussion plan for the year. These activities should be related to the goals set forth in the application. This plan should be submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean in the beginning of Fall semester.


2.     Suggested Activities for Mentoring Pairs*

                  a.      Teaching strategies: for example, balancing active/collaborative learning with lectures

                  b.     Curriculum planning/review of syllabi

                  c.      Classroom visitation

                  d.     Active learning and classroom assessment techniques

                  e.      Discussions on research, scholarship, and publication

                  f.       Promotion and tenure process

                  g.     Discussions on the nature of liberal arts

                  h.     Career planning

                  i.       Time management

                  j.      Relations with colleagues

                  k.     Role of service to department, campus, higher education

                  l.       Professional networking

                  m.    Professional ethics

                  n.     Academic policies and UMM ethos

                  o.     Advising students

                  p.     Balancing teaching, research, service, personal life

                  q.     Personal adjustments

                  r.      Discussion of Collaboration Conferences (see #5, below)


3.     Reports

                           a.      Mentor and mentee must submit a mid-year and end-of-year report to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean.  Information from this report will be included in an annual report given to the Chancellor and Dean.


4.     Grant Money

                                    Each member of the mentoring pair has a stipend of $500 for faculty development purposes.  For example, the stipend can be used for the purchase of professional books, software, or equipment; attendance at professional meetings or conferences, or other appropriate activities.  Purchases must be made through the DeanŐs Office. Adele Raymond in the DeanŐs Office will help you with the necessary forms.


5.     Conferences

The mentoring pair may want to attend a conference sponsored by the Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning held in the Twin Cities in November and February.  They are usually held at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota.  For more information, visit the CollaborationŐs website at