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Deadline:  January 20, 2005

To:              UMM Campus
From:          John F. Schwaller, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
Date:           December 9, 2004
Re:              2004-05 John Tate Awards
The 2004-05 John Tate Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising serve to recognize and reward academic advising.  They call attention to the contribution that academic advising makes in helping students formulate and achieve intellectual, career, and personal goals.  By highlighting the role that academic advising plays in the University's educational mission.
Karla Klinger (86-87 recipient), Tom McRoberts (90-91 recipient), Paula O'Loughlin (00-01 recipient), and Dian Lopez (01-02 recipient) will serve on the local screening committee.  The all-University selection committee will choose up to two awards to those whose primary responsibilities include advising, and up to two awards to faculty members throughout the University of Minnesota.  Recipients will receive $1,500, allocated through payroll or transferred to their department to use for professional purposes.  Awards will be presented at a public ceremony sometime in late April.
Submit one copy to the Dean's Office, at 315 Behmler Hall, no later than Thursday, January 20, 2005, for review by the campus screening committee. The committee will then work with the nominators on the final nomination dossier.  Please note that final nomination dossiers will be compiled and copied by the Dean's Office.
A strong nomination depends on the quality of the documentation submitted on behalf of the candidate.  Please proceed quickly if you intend to develop a nomination dossier.
For further information regarding eligibility and procedures for preparing the dossiers, please click on "Guidelines" at the following academic affairs web site: