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Memo To:      UMM Faculty and Staff
From:            John F. Schwaller, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
Date:             February 7, 2005
Subject:         2005-2006 Morris Academic Partners (MAP)
In recognition of the value of academic employment to the intellectual development of students and of the opportunities thus provided to assist faculty in their work, the University of Minnesota, Morris, will award non-renewable stipends of up to $2,000 per academic year to academically talented third-year students, naming them as Morris Academic Partners (MAPs).  We will also offer up to five MAPs that begin in the summer and continue through the student's junior academic year.  The stipends offered for these MAPs will be $2,000 for summer and $1,000 for each of the following two semesters. 
MAP students are to undertake assignments that enhance their intellectual competence and increase their interest in graduate or professional study.  Projects that qualify for consideration should involve greater complexity than typical work-study assignments and should provide assistance to, rather than add to the workload of, a busy and productive faculty member.
A Morris Academic Partner should be a junior status by credits with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.  Students are required to carry a minimum of 12 credits each semester to remain eligible for this program—no exceptions can be granted.
As a guideline, projects should average eight hours of student involvement per week for the year (adjusted for summer placements).  It is important to note that a MAP replaces any other work-study employment; no other on-campus work may be carried out for the duration of the MAP.  This is because the Partnership is intended to require a significant commitment of time and effort by a junior status student.
While it is expected that more of the stipends will be allocated for academically related assignments supervised by members of the faculty, stipends will be available for proposals submitted from other units of the campus and from regional agencies that wish to sponsor a Partner.  Proposals from faculty should be submitted to their Division Chair.  Staff members should submit proposals to their unit head.  Application forms are available online at the web site listed below.  Applications must be received in the Dean's Office by Friday, March 4, 2005.
Call 589-6015 or e-mail if you need further information.  The web site for the MAP program is