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Morris Student Administrative Fellows (MSAF)

The University of Minnesota, Morris offers the Morris Student Administrative Fellows, in which academic and administrative staff select academically talented, qualified students to assist them in administrative and managerial projects.
Selected students undertake assignments intended to enhance their intellectual competence and increase their interest in graduate or professional study.
Application forms are available to faculty and staff here: MSAF Application Form
Note: Students do not apply directly to the Morris Student Administrative Fellows.


*  The Morris Student Administrative Fellows (MSAF) is available to all students in good academic standing.
*  An MSAF student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
*  An MSAF student must carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester.
*  Stipends are paid at the beginning of each semester, directly to a student's financial aid account.
*  MSAFs are renewable.
*  Service as an MSAF student will not disqualify a student from having a MAP, but they may not be held concurrently.
*  MSAFs must clearly demonstrate an academic component and cannot simply be used to replace work-study.
*  The MSAF is not available for academic credit.


*  A faculty or staff member completes an application form and submits it to his/her supervisor.
*  The supervisor approves the application and forwards it to the Dean's Office for consideration.
*  The Dean notifies the applicant and the student of the decision via campus mail.

Award Criteria:

*  Will the MSAF provide an assignment that enhances the student's intellectual competence and increase his/her interest in graduate or professional study?
*  Does the project involve greater complexity than typical work-study assignments and will it provide assistance to, rather than add to, the workload of a busy and productive staff or faculty member?
*  Applications from all units of the campus or from regional agencies, such as WCROC are allowed.
*  No weight should be put on whether an eligible student has been chosen for the project.


*  Morris Student Administrative Fellows Applications for the 2013-2014 academic year are due in the Dean's Office on Friday, March 1, 2013.
*  Final reports from both the fellow and the supervisor are due in the Dean's Office on May 1.

For information concerning this program, contact the UMM Dean's Office at 315 Behmler Hall, 589-6015, or

Download the Form: MSAF Application Form (Word doc)
Review the MSAF Request for Applications