March 31, 2006



TO:                  UMM Faculty, Division Chairs and Selected Staff in Academic Advising,

Academic Assistance, Career Center, Center for Small Towns, Counseling, Multicultural Student Program, Registrar’s Office and Service Learning


FROM:           Thomas McRoberts, Director

Continuing Education and Summer Session


SUBJECT:      Summer 2006:   Internships, Directed Studies and Courses Out-of-Sequence



I.     Registration, Policies/Procedures, and Compensation


Registration for summer internships, directed studies, and courses out-of-sequence is completed through the Summer Session Office, 225 Community Services Building, x. 6450 (not the Registrar's Office).  Students intending to undertake a directed study, internship or course

out-of-sequence during the Summer Term should begin arranging that activity now.  See specific registration procedures for each listed below.


Compensation for supervising internships, directed studies, and courses out-of-sequence is 60% of the tuition (collected) from each student registered under that faculty member's supervision.  Payment is normally made in one lump sum in August. 


Forms, policies and procedures for internships and directed studies are available online at: 



Registration for Summer Internships and Directed Studies


1.  Students should consult with a supervising UMM faculty member or Gary Donovan, Career Center Director.  (Students must find a faculty member willing to serve as the faculty supervisor for the internship.)


2.  The student develops an Internship Learning Contract with the faculty supervisor (refer to the “Internship Learning Contract Guidelines,” available online—see link above).  The student also completes the Internship Approval Form and attaches it to the Learning Contract.


3.  The Internship Form and the Learning Contract must be approved and signed by the student and the faculty supervisor.  The student then brings the forms to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean for approval (315 Behmler Hall).  In order to allow sufficient time to review and approve the learning contracts, students should submit completed internship forms (with approval of the supervising faculty) to the VCAA/Dean no later than May 5, 2006.

4.  The student returns to the Dean’s Office to pick up the approved internship forms and then takes them to the Summer Session Office (225 Community Services Building) to register for the course.  Final registration for summer internships should be completed by May 12.  An approved copy of the internship form (with all appropriate signatures) must be submitted at the time of registration.


Directed Studies

1.     The student and instructor work together in completing the Directed Study Approval Form. The student, the instructor and Division Chair must sign the completed form.  (The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean acts as division chair for Interdisciplinary Studies.)


2.   UMM Campus Assembly recently approved the use of directed studies to count towards a general education. To do this, students must also submit an approved Directed Study General Education Designation Form at the time of registration (requests submitted after registration will not be accepted).  The Curriculum Committee approves all requests for General Education designation; requests submitted after April 15 will be approved during the following fall term.


3.  The student brings the Directed Studies form(s) to the Summer Session Office (225 Community Services Building) to register.  Final registration for directed studies should be completed by May 12.  An approved copy of the directed study form (with appropriate signatures) must be submitted at the time of registration.


Registration for Courses Out-of-Sequence

Courses taken out of sequence during the summer months require faculty and Division Chair

approval prior to registration.  The student and faculty member fill out and sign the “Course

Out-of-Sequence Approval Form” (available online at):




The student should take the form to the Continuing Education/Summer Session Office

(225 Community Services Bldg.) where registration will be processed.  Registration for summer courses out-of-sequence should be completed by May 12.



II.        Tuition and Billing


Tuition for Summer 2006 internships, directed studies and courses out of sequence is $273.47 per credit.  Billing for all Summer Term registration is through the UMM Business Office.



III.      Student Registrations and Payment to Faculty


In mid-summer, a memo will be sent to each faculty listing students registered under their supervision for internships, directed studies or courses out-of-sequence.  The lists will be the basis for determining the compensation.  Typically, payment occurs in one lump sum by no later than September 15, 2006.

IV.      Grades Submitted on the Web


Faculty will be responsible for submitting grades on the web no later than three business days after the end of each session.  If you cannot submit a final grade at that time, submit a K to indicate the course is still in progress and then submit a grade change on the web when the

student has completed the course.   (May, Summer I and Summer II are each called sessions—the entire time frame between the beginning of the May Session through the end of Summer Session II is called the Summer Term.)  The web grading policy went into effect spring semester, 2003.


If you have any questions about policies and procedures regarding summer internships, directed studies or courses out of sequence, please do not hesitate to contact me at:  x. 6450;