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General Education Requirements
"G.E.R." or "GenEd"

The UMM General Education Requirements are listed below. A detailed description of each category can be found at:

Current List of Courses Approved for General Education -
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General education consists of three parts:

Intellectual Community-The Intellectual Community component of general education is designed to introduce students to intellectual and practical skills needed to participate effectively in an intellectual community; promote active participation; provide students with the opportunity to work with and to know others from their cohort well; provide students with the opportunity for close interaction with faculty.

Skills for the Liberal Arts-The Skills component of general education helps students
acquire the intellectual and communication skills needed for successful advanced work.

Expanding Perspectives-The Expanding Perspectives component helps students gain enough understanding of the principal areas of human endeavor to continue learning and to have a sense of the limits of their knowledge.

        A. Writing for the Liberal Arts. (1 course) WLA
        B. Foreign Language. (proficiency in a single language other than
            English at the level equivalent to the first full year of college
            language study)
        C. Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning. (1 course) M/SR
        D. Artistic Performance. (1 course) ArtP
III. EXPANDING PERSPECTIVES. (8 courses of at least 2 credits each)  
        A. Historical Perspectives. (1 course) Hist
        B. Human Behavior, Social Processes and Institutions. (1 course) SS
        C. Communication, Language, Literature, and Philosophy. (1 course) Hum
        D. Fine Arts. (1 course) FA
        E. Physical and Biological Sciences. (2 courses, one with lab)
                  Physical and Biological Sciences. (Without Lab) Sci
                  Physical and Biological Sciences. (With Lab) Sci-L
        F. The Global Village. (2 courses, one each from 2 areas)
                  Area1. Human Diversity. HDiv
                  Area2. People and the Environment. Envt
                  Area3. International Perspective. IP
                  Area4. Ethical and Civic Responsibility. E/CR

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