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UMM General Education Requirements (GER)
and Course Listings

2003-04 GER Course List
as of February 2003

The UMM General Education Requirements are listed below. Click on a specific requirement to see a list of courses that meet that requirement. These lists are updated once each year in February.

To find out if a particular course is being offered in 2003-2004, check the online Class Schedule.
To view up-to-date course descriptions, check the online Morris course database.

I. THE FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR. (one 2-credit course) FYS
II. SKILLS FOR THE LIBERAL ARTS. (1 to 5 courses^)
A. College Writing. (1 course^)
B. Foreign Language. (2 courses in a single language^)
C. Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning. (1 course^)
D. Artistic Performance. (1 course)
III. EXPANDING PERSPECTIVES. (8 courses of at least 2 credits each)  
A. Historical Perspectives. (1 course)
B. Human Behavior, Social Processes and Institutions. (1 course)
C. Communication, Language, Literature, and Philosophy. (1 course)
D. Fine Arts. (1 course)
E. Physical and Biological Sciences. (2 courses, one with lab)
          Physical and Biological Sciences. (Without Lab)
          Physical and Biological Sciences. (With Lab)
F. The Global Village. (2 courses, one each from 2 areas)
          Area1. Human Diversity.
          Area2. People and the Environment.
          Area3. International Perspective.
          Area4. Ethical and Civic Responsibility.
Topics Courses: GER designations for the listed variable topics courses vary for each specific topic that is offered. Check offerings in the Class Schedule for GER designations.

^This requirement may be reduced or eliminated through exemption.
# GER category will not be fulfilled if taken for less than 2 credits.
CE: Continuing Education course.

For questions or comments, contact Nancy Helsper, Director of Institutional Research, via email ( or phone (589-6012).