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UMM Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy

I. Principles for the use of Recovered Facilities and Administrative costs:

Current University of Minnesota policy returns 85.5 % of recovered Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A, formerly IDC/ICR) to the coordinate campus that generated the F&A. 2.5 % of the recovered amount is reserved for the library, leaving 83% to support sponsored projects related activities at UMM as follows:

A. Support of the Grants Development Office (GDO)

1) Support for 25% time of the pre-award coordinator (or current job title)
2) Support for one student intern position.
3) Office operations and travel including professional development travel
4) Maintenance of a reserve equal to one year's allocation ($21,500 based on FY 04).

B. Any remaining funds will be available at the Dean's discretion with the following priorities:

1) Reimbursement to units for communications and supply costs directly related to awards that generated F&A.
2) Matching money for proposals/awards that generate F&A.
3) Incentive funds to encourage development of proposals for external funding.

II. Procedure:

Between July 15 and August 15 annually the Director of GDO will meet with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean to plan F&A distribution for the remainder of the fiscal year.

A. Director will report:

1) Gross amount of F&A generated in previous fiscal year
2) Current all-University F&A distribution policy
3) Gross amount available to UMM for the current year.
4) Amount to be distributed to the Library
5) Net amount available for current Fiscal year
6) Current budget for the GDO
7) Current amount for a one year GDO reserve
8) Current F&A account balance
9) F&A balance available for other purposes

Discussed with the CLT: 11-08-04
Approved by CRPC: 11-30-04
Presented for information at Campus Assembly: 02-22-05