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Out-of-State Travel (OST)
Policy and Procedures

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Eligibility: All full-time teaching faculty

UMM provides financial assistance to faculty members attending professional meetings beyond the borders of the State of Minnesota, as an important aspect of faculty development. Attendance at national or international meetings being held within the state of Minnesota (i.e., otherwise considered "in-state" travel) will be reimbursed in accordance with the out-of-state travel policy as well. Note that the classification of the in-state meeting as "national or international" is ultimately the decision of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean.

The following policies and procedures govern the allocation and expenditure of out-of-state travel funds:


1. Out-of-state travel funds are for use by full-time teaching faculty members only, and only for the purpose of attending academic professional meetings, symposia, seminars, etc., held outside the State of Minnesota (except as outlined above). The money is not to be spent for faculty recruitment, for faculty research, nor for trips that are made primarily for the convenience of the institution.

2. Whenever possible, faculty members should continue to apply for travel subsidies from sources outside the University. Faculty who plan to travel internationally are encouraged to apply for funds from the University Office of International Programs on the Twin Cities campus:

3. Since the individual faculty member benefits both professionally and personally from out-of-state travel, a portion of the expenses for such travel will be assumed by the faculty member.


1. Amounts of subsidy:

New faculty: Each new tenure-track faculty member will receive an initial allocation of $950.

Continuing faculty: The current annual allocation is $650 available July 1.

Accrual: Each faculty member will be allowed to accrue up to $2,000 for out-of-state travel.* Once $2,000 has been accrued, no further allocation will be made, until the total accrual drops below $2,000. The subsequent allocation will still be subject to the $2,000 maximum accrual. Upon the retirement, resignation, or termination of the faculty member, the unexpended balance will remain with UMM and cannot be paid out as a cash benefit.

2. Form of request:

To request an out-of-state travel subsidy, a faculty member should submit to his/her Division Chair the Faculty Out-of-State Travel application form (available in the division offices and online at In order to fill out the form you will need the following information:

• Amount requested
• Identification of the meeting to be attended, sponsoring organization,
   and the location of the meeting
• Dates of the trip (month/day(s)/year)
• Reason for attending the meeting

Where several faculty members are attending the same conference, an effort should be made to share ground transportation, lodging, etc., where feasible.

3. Approval procedure:

The Division Chair forwards requests to the Dean with a recommendation for action. The Dean’s Office determines the amount of funds in the faculty member’s account, and notifies the faculty member of the disposition of the request via e-mail.

Faculty members who cancel approved trips are asked to please notify the Dean's Office.


*Faculty who have current balances of $2,100 will be allowed to keep that amount.  Once spent below $2,000, accrual will be limited to $2,000.

Download the Form: OST Application Form