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UMM Faculty Research Enhancement Funds


To request funds, please complete the appropriate Faculty Research Enhancement Funds application forms (see list below) and submit to the Dean's Office (Room 315 Behmler Hall). Proposals for Category III, IIIi, and IIIA, differential travel support, will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and will not be subject to the deadlines given for Category I and II reviews. Category II proposals for project-based research and creative activities will continue with grant rounds three times a year (September, January, and April). Category I proposals for large-scale research and creative projects will be reviewed during the April grant round.

Category II deadlines will be:

            - September (for travel in October, November, December, and January)

            - January (for travel in February, March, April, and May)

            - April (for travel in June, July, August, and September)

E-mail will be the primary method of notification when funding has been awarded.  A brief report of project activity and results will be required to receive reimbursement for funded activities.

Faculty Research Enhancement Funds Guidelines

Faculty Research Enhancement Funds Application Forms:
   Category I - Large-Scale Research and Creative Projects
   Category II - Project-Based Faculty Research Support
   Category III - Travel Differential Support
   Category IIIi - International Travel Support
   Category IIIA - Travel Support for Part-time Faculty

Faculty Research Enhancement Funds Report Form