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Dean's Office Personnel

Bart Finzel
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
     and Dean

For appointments, call Darla at 320/589-6015

Nancy Helsper
Director of Institutional Research and
Coordinator of Assessment

Duties include: Institutional Research, Assessment, Course Catalog Coordinator, Academic Affairs Web Coordinator

Phone: 320/589-6012

Darla Peterson Darla Peterson
Executive Secretary

Duties include: Curriculum Committee; MAP/MSAF Programs; Faculty Programs, Orientation, Leaves, Awards.

Phone: 320/589-6015

Adele Raymond Adele Lawler
Exec. Office and Admin. Specialist

Duties include: Faculty Research Enhancement Funds, IS Internships/ Directed Studies, Areas of Concentration/Emphasis, Dean's List, Student Rating of Teaching, Travel.

Phone: 320/589-6018